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combine america's most advanced fiber optic network with america's most loved mobile device? wouldn't that be something? control your tv, manage your dvr remotely and with a flick of a finger, send pictures straight to your flatscreen with the fios app for iphone. to get more from your iphone, wherever you are, you need verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. . >>> the tragedy in japan could result in lower prices in the pump. prices have gone up 37-cents. according to aaa the average price is about $3.05 and some suspect that the situation in japan may result in a drop in the prices here at home. >> japan is a third largest consumer of oil. the demand will drastically decline and we should see a ripple effect. >> after friday's quake oil prices are down. >> we just teased the next story. you saw a lot of horns. signs say deep if you don't want the gas tax passed. they feel what's going on in the middle east and gas -- a couple hours action we don't need a gas tax to pay the transportation fund. another idea is
america's most advanced fiber optic network with america's most loved mobile device? wouldn't that be something? control your tv, manage your dvr remotely and with a flick of a finger, send pictures straight to your flatscreen with the fios app for iphone. to get more from your iphone, wherever you are, you need verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. you could get two things for $4 and one for $2. or five things for $2. or one for $6 and two for $2. [ male announcer ] with denny's 2-4-6-8 value menu, we're open to all new ways to save you money. [ imitates explosion ] [ male announcer ] denny's. ♪ my daughters and i were going to see their grammy and grampy, but amber fractured her leg and we had to change our flight. then that airline added a 150-dollar change fee per ticket. i sure did. 450 dollars. 450 bucks. 450 bucks is a lot of money. that just ain't right. that's just plain wrong. it's an honest dollar, your honor. does his momma know what he's doing? [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on
of its kind here at the embassy suites. >>> did you see him on good morning america. he smashed a window, stormed out without a shirt after questions about the rihanna incident on "good morning america." after performing a song he went down this hallway allegedly throwing a water cooler before going into his dressing room and that's where a window was smashed out sending shattered glass on to a times square sidewalk. here is what chris brown had to say when robin roberts asked him if he had seen rihanna recently? >> not really. it's not really a big deal to me, i think i'm past that. today is the album release. that's what i want to say. everybody go get that album. >> he was sentenced to five years probation, 180 days of community labor, after pleading guilty to assaulting her. his borrow base was downgraded back in february. >>> can you quack like a duck? you might be the next voice of afflack. they are conducting a nation- wide search for the new voice of the av flak duck. gilbert god freed was fired about a string of offensive tweets about the crisis in japan. you can log onto quack.
to 18 hours out, this goes into south america and points toward antarctica. again, seeing the fallout from that earthquake overseas. we have clouds over maryland. the radar is crystal clear. some sunshine. we should get up to 60 or so late in the afternoon. nice looking saturday around here. we'll talk more about your weekend forecast in a few. rosie. >> same sex marriage won't happen this year in the maryland legislature. the bill was sent back to committee after sponsors realize they didn't have enough votes to pass it. lawmakers debated for three hours before the bill was tabled. >> those of you who equate same sex marriage with the civil rights movement, show me your hands. let me see the scars that my race has known. >> i'm going to go vote yes for the if unseen generations. the unseen generations that will look back on this day and say, what was all the fuss about? >> advocates say the ground work is there to pick up the issue in 2012. the bill would have made it legal for same sex couples to marry in maryland. he swrowld signed the bill if it reached his desk. >> final ari
, quake is causing shortages on cars and parts for some cars made in america. for more on the reports go to the website and click on the money tab up top so you don't waste your money. >> all right. this is the talk of the newsroom all night. we a picture from a viewer that's not news. >> what is news is what we saw when we opened the picture, what we each think we saw. take a look and judge for yourself. >> we know its lacrosse ball, we figure that out, we know it came from viewers, we know the ball has mud and we think it makes a face. >> john, no, no, did -- few of us said abe lincoln, one said it looked like jesus, i don't see. >> i see lincoln. we put it on facebook and got a huge response. some edgar allegen foe, castro, john wilkes booth,. >> , grant. >> i can see that. >> who said ab -- robert lee, van gogh, one smudge of mud that looks like a face. dozens of ideas on who it is. if you want to -- where did they play this lacrosse game with this ball? >> who cares. >> don't put that away now. go to the website/facebook. >> now, maryland's most powerful radar and the for
raven is louding voicing his support in the statehouse, listen in. >> america is supposed to be the land of the free but in order for this to be true for all of us, we must have the ability to marry whom we love regardless of their gender. think about it, join me in the land of the brave for standing on the side of love. >> in the video he says he is proud to be part of something that bring marylanders together and the issue of same sex should bring people together instead of causing a divide. he said it is a matter of fairness. the ash -- archbishop is asking people to fast and pray and else asking everybody do that together on march 18th, a week from this friday. he is asking the request on ash wednesday when they make a period of sacrifice to better focus on god. they need a lot of prayer. >>> it appears a new measure, the same sex marriage will pass but in the end they decided to lock up the same version. a final vote is now tentatively scheduled for friday. >> it will be one of the most important votes we take as legislative body. >> when i walked on the floor there were a group of
the area. >> there is another shake up coming to the news desk at good morning america. juju chang is leaving to be on night line. her replacement is josh elliot, currently an anchor for sports center. no word on when it'll happen. elliot joins spencer as one of the newest faces. >> you can already preorder your new madden game but when you or your kids get it you will notice something new. ea sports said players will suffer concussions and when they do they won't be allowed to return to the game under any circumstances. the company said its paint to reinforce to young people the dangers of trying to play through a head injury. >> tomorrow night the doctors of seattle grace will turn into the sailors of seattle grace. the episode is just one day away but we have a sneak peek for you right now. ♪ [ music ] . >> recognize that song? it's chasing cars by snow patrol and blew up big time after it was featured in the season two finale. that's the focus of the episode taking the most iconic songs and hughes them in a whole new way. >> there is a lot of iconic music that we will use
first worked more than ten years ago. she will be the lifestyle anchor for good morning america and will contribute to night line as well. she had been the insider co anchor since 2004. >> now, maryland's most powerful radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> all right. take a look at the almanac, 81 at pwi. that's our new record. the old record from 1989 had been 80 but asset new record will be at 81 in 2011. how is that for the day after saint patrick's day? take a look outside. nice looking night in the city here. we have the 69 degrees at the moment with humidity at 55%. winds are out of the west at ten and through the day today had pretty good-looking weather, mix of high thin clouds, sun, leading to a nice sunset at townsend west elementary, annapolis quiet night here on the river and look at the skies above -- toward sunset, that was a nice looking finish to the day as well. the radar, tell you it's amazing how must of the showers are just south of the border down through southwest suburbs of washington. not seeing rain here, current conditions
stays healthy. >>> we have all seen images of the day the world and america changed forever. >> some robbery victims get their stuff backment we'll update you on the saga of the real life cat burglar when we come right back in 60 seconds. >>> remember that story of the cat who was caught on camera stealing things from the neighborhood at night? well tonight klepto's cat victims have their stuff back. the owner of dusty, the cat with the penchant for late- night burglary spent the weekend returning all of the drink etcetera he had stolen over the last few months. there is no ill will although dusty will be the grand marshall in the city's annual pet parade. >> we're getting our first look at this newly released footage. this video was taken by nypd officers as ççthey flew by th burning world strayed trade center in a helicopter and it finally came to light a decade after the agency requested it. they are doing an engineering study of the tower's collapse. >>> an insanity defense is coming for van der sloot. they say he will plead guilty to killing a peruvian woman but also says he
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9